Do People With Disabilities Believe in God?

Do People With Disabilities Believe in God? Removing the Stumbling Block

I stumbled upon a Facebook post from Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi. Her most recent initiative is RespectabilityUSA, whose mission is to reshape the attitudes of American society so that people with disabilities can more fully participate in and contribute to society, and empower people with disabilities to achieve as much of the American dream as their abilities and efforts permit.   

Here is what Jennifer posted on Facebook:
“Crowd sourcing for answers: According to numerous scientific studies, people on the Autism Spectrum are much more likely to be atheists than people not on the spectrum. So what's a good way to get a child on the spectrum to like his/her religious community/tradition, even if they don't want the G-d part?” She linked the following article for reference: Religious Belief Systems of Persons with High Functioning Autism 
To be sure, her query got me thinking. I find myself wondering about the possible causes for higher prevalence of atheism among those on the Autism spectrum. Do individuals with Autism (or other disabilities) reject notions of God as a matter of frustration (“why did God make me disabled?”) or is it more often borne of specific rejections from faith organizations and houses of worship? 
And there's more to it than this. Is belief in God the sole determining factor as to why one affiliates religiously? We work exceptionally hard to help the children in our religious school understand that at the very core of being a Reform Jew is an opportunity to questions and wrestle with God. This makes us MORE Jewish, not less so.
This is an interesting conversation, to be sure. And one that could certainly lead right back to conversations of inclusion. If your faith organization wishes to become more inclusive, please be in touch to learn how I can help the professionals and lay leaders of your congregation develop a strategy that is right for your community.
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